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Server Commands

TYPE ‘/info’ to view all server commands in-game

  • Server info: ‘/info’
  • Wipe Schedule: ‘/wipe’
  • Player List: ‘/players’
  • SkinBox: ‘/sb’ Inventory skin box – /sd for deployed items 
  • TeamPing: F1 Key Bind in console : ‘bind P teamping’
  • Jetpack: ‘/jet’ or middle mouse button
  • Rewards: ‘/claim’
  • Team Info: ‘/teaminfo open or closed’
  • Kill Records: ‘/krhelp’
  • Automatic Doors: ‘/Ad Help’
  • Automatic Authorization: ‘/share’
  • Clans: ‘/clan’
  • Vehicle Radios: ‘/attachradio’ – Attach a radio on vehicle,
  • Vehicle Radios: ‘/removeradio’ – Remove a radio on vehicle
  • Reset All Code Locks: ‘/code main’
  • Submersible Pump
    Place water pumps with fresh water anywhere on map. You can build your farm anywhere on the map. Type /pump to purchase your submersible pump! (tier 2 required)
    Resources need to craft:
    >> Water pump Blueprint
    >> 1000 Metal Frags
    >> 1 Trap
    >> 4 Gears
    >> 5 Metal Pipes
  • Teleporting
    • /home set NAME.
    • /home will show your currently set home names.
    • /home NAME – Teleports you to your home with that NAME.
    • /home remove NAME – Removes the home named NAME
    • /bandit – Takes you to Bandit Town
    • /outpost – Takes you to the Outpost
    • /tpr PLAYER – Request teleport 
    • /tpa – Accept teleport request
    • /tpc – Cancel a teleport
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