Elite Gaming Server

✯ Premium Optimized Hand chosen maps!
✯ 5x Resources & Quarries
✯ Bi-Weekly Map Wipe!
✯ Monthly BP wipe!
✯ Tier 1 Blueprints Unlocked
✯ Extended Workbench range 
✯ Free Skinbox with no cost or cooldown.
✯ Spawn your own mini!
✯ Backpacks!
✯ Multiple Premium events across the map!
✯ Cars equipped with fuel and parts!
✯ Minicopters Spawns on main roads
✯ Automatic Team Authorization on Turrets & SAMS
✯ Auto Sort & Quick Smelt Furnaces and Refineries!
✯ Minicopter and Scrap Heli Storage!
✯ Create your own Clans!
✯ No Vendor Limits!

– 24/7 Admin Support on Discord and In-game!
– Rust Discord Feed for Events, Deaths, Chat and more!

click the link bellow to connect to elite gaming 5x server.

*clicking link will launch Steam and load you into the server

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FREE SUPPLY DROPS + $50,000.00 / Multiplies with every additional vote 
Rewards can be claimed once ever 24 hours. 

*Voting for Elite Gaming 5X on Rust-Servers & Best Servers will get you double the rewards!